Monday, August 13, 2012

Khan Academy (Videos and Practice)

Practice Problems Link

Practice Problems for ALL math levels

Khan Academy has two main resources which are amazingly extensive.  This link provides access to problems of all levels of math concepts by topic.  There are TWO ways to search:

1)      There is a scroll down list on the left of the screen that you can use to find any concept you are looking for.  Be sure to click “show all” at the bottom of the list to have full access.  Once you find the concept click on the name and you will be directed to the first practice problem.

2)      A concept map is located on the right of the screen and can be used just like Google Maps.  To search for the main idea click the screen and move it up or down.  As the map moves “south” the math topics becomes more advanced.  Once you find the “main idea” you need, then scroll in and out using the zoom scale on the left.  Zooming in will reveal more specific categories within a context.  For example: Functions is visible from the main screen, once you zoom in, topics such as domain and range of a function are suddenly visible as well.

Be sure to check in advance because these practice problems are not super simple.  I’m incredibly impressed by this format.  It’s thorough and well organized!

The available concepts range from “Telling time” (early elementary) to Calculus (High School Seniors).  There is also a statistics and probability section that goes beyond basic pre-algebra concepts. 

Example/Tutorial Videos
Khan Academy also has an extensive list of video tutorials.  The videos are broken up into specific steps so that you can search for a particular example of a type of question.  This can be helpful for a TEACHER wanting to demonstrate a specific process using additional perspective, or a STUDENT who needs a refresher on how to solve a homework problem. 
The videos may be searched by course subject under “Math” and then by topic within each course. 
As with anything, some videos are better than others and are a better use of classroom time than others. 

*Disclaimer: I am learning how to add pictures into the blog.  Please don't judge the screen shots. 
I WILL get better at adding them in the future!

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